Songs For Christchurch album launch – presented by Art Beat
Re:START City Mall
Sunday 24 February, 12pm


The Nudge
Electric Wire Hustle Sound System
Jessie James and the Outlaws
Delaney Davidson

In the weeks after Feb 22nd 2011 a collective of people from Melbourne, San Francisco, Christchurch and Wellington formed to create a fundraising album called Songs for Christchurch. It is a music compilation album donated by twenty-one local and global artists including Grammy-award winners Imogen Heap and Flights of the Conchords. It will be internationally released in early 2013.

All royalties from the sale of the album are going to community projects rebuilding Christchurch through the organisations: Gap Filler, Festival of Transitional Architecture, Architecture For Humanity, and Live in Vacant Spaces. The project has twin goals of raising as much money as possible for the projects in Christchurch, and promoting Christchurch and New Zealand Artists to overseas audiences.

The artists on the album are: Flight of the Conchords | Dear Frontier | Imogen Heap | Tim Finn | The Blackseeds | Fat Freddys Drop | The Nudge | Spartacus R | Greg Johnson | Giles McNeill | The Yoots | Electric Wire Hustle | Mara TK | Delaney Davidson | The Unfaithful Ways | Jessie James and the Outlaws | LA Mitchell | A Horibuzz | The Eastern | Ladi6

Purchase tickets for this event for yourself or as a gift for loved-ones in Christchurch to attend:

Imogen Heap Live: Benefit concert for Christchurch

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap will be performing an intimate, acoustic show next Wednesday, April 27 at the Aurora Center for the Performing Arts in Christchurch, NZ as a benefit for the Unlimited School. Tickets are $20, to be available online on Thursday  21st, and from Marbecks, Westfield Riccarton (ticket availability to be announced).

Also on the bill: The Harbour Union- Lyttelton Musicians Quake relief project…featuring The Eastern, Lindon Puffin, Delaney Davidson, The Unfaithful Ways and more, Christchurch singer/songwriter Roseanne Gamlen-Greene and a student band from Unlimited High School.

More details and information on the Facebook event page here.

For those of you in Auckland, don’t despair. We are running a live stream of the concert in the Fale Pacifika. Facebook event page for this is here. There is also a live stream of the event in Twizel. Facebook event page is here.

Presented by:  Social Innovation, Architecture for Humanity, Wifi for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity is an international  nonprofit design services firmorganisation founded in 1999. There are over 40,000 professionals across 75 chapters around the world, and collectively  they are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design. 

Social Innovation is a charity whose mission is to inspire and enable young people to volunteer, participate and generate positive leadership for social change.

Wifi for Humanity promotes a free wifi network and communications channel for areas in need, and offers technical and social expertise to support the activities of other non-profit communities and groups.

The organisers also wish to thank Vidhost and Pivnice for their support.

For press enquiries please contact


TEDxEQChCh, a one-day event to re-imagine the future of Christchurch, will be held on Saturday, May 21st, and is proud to announce that Cameron Sinclair, CEO of Architecture for Humanity and TED Prize winner, will be speaking, along with Roger Sutton, CEO of Orion. We are also proud to confirm BNZ as Platinum Sponsor.

“I can’t wait to come to New Zealand and share ideas about rebuilding,” said Cameron Sinclair. “We’ve been so impressed by Christchurch’s heart, your passion, and your skills, and it’s a great privilege for us at Architecture for Humanity and our local chapter in Auckland to be involved in any way we can.” Architecture for Humanity is a global organisation that offers pro bono design and build solutions to humanitarian crises. They have worked in, among others, New Orleans after Katrina, Haiti after the earthquake, and Southeast Asia after the Boxing Day tsunami; their Auckland chapter has already been active in supporting Christchurch.

Read more here